Friday, January 18, 2013

CD Review: Allison May-Earnest Keep Release Date Jan 22, 2013(Working Brilliantly)

If you are looking for an artist that speaks quietly to you via her voice and guitar then Allison May is for you, she has a strong voice that makes your ears almost sing along with her.
I really enjoy the song "What A Life" if you have a chance to hear her album I think you will like it, if this is your style of music -small and intimate , not threatening at all.

                                       A Good Stone MP3

There are of course other instruments on the album besides her guitar but that is the main focal point. She has a unique voice and sound as everyone is unique and I have a respect for the artist that writes from their heart first and less for the hit song.
For the music only speaks when it is written from the heart or direct thought of the artist(s).
Here is a video below to share with you.

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Anthony Nadeau

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