Friday, January 18, 2013

CD Review: Denouncement Pyre-Almighty Acranum: Release Date Jan 22, 2013(Hell's Headbangers)

Let me just say that I have given many a spin to many albums this last number of months and never tire of getting new music from anyone. That being said this is one label that has not been given enough attention from me anyways. The reasoning is I am not particularly fond of Death Metal music, however to be fair I have spun many records from Hell's Headbangers and they just have not spoken to me, until now.
This band is heavy, dark and gloomy but that is what the Death Metal scene is all about. I remember in High School my friend was a HUGE Venom fan, I mean if you remember  the bands you liked in High School-do you still care for them now, probably not-I still do not care for Venom, but to each their own.
This is a very well done album and I applaud the musicians for their endless doom and gloom, yes I said that.

This is a very well orchestrated album with classic themes of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock I am overly impressed.With me saying that I am not fond of Death Metal, although I am a huge fan of music in general and will listen to just about anything.
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Anthony Nadeau

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