Thursday, January 17, 2013

CD Review: Holy Grail-Ride The Void:Release Date Jan 22, 2013(Prosthetic Records)

There has been great talk of Holy Grail in the past and now as their new album approaches it's release date.  I for one can see why there is a number of people hailing them as the next big thing, but this only being album #2 that is alot of pressure.
This is a great melodic album with so much scale for a second album this should show some of the newer bands how to play Heavy Metal and even some of the older bands what they used to sound like as well.

They sure show versatility  throughout the album in terms of their playing skills, as testament to the genre known as Heavy Metal.

"Wake Me When It's Over"(Instrumental)is a great classical guitar piece that some may argue does not belong on this album, but really shows what great artists they are able to expand.
Here is Alex Lee & Eli Santana talking about the song:

Here is the song itself:

I think this is starting out to be a great year for music and this is just January!

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Anthony Nadeau

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