Thursday, January 31, 2013

CD Review: Riverside- Shrine of New Generation Slaves-Releases Feb 5th, 2013(Inside Out Music)

There are albums that just speak to you in such a way that you think the music was written just for you, I don't but there are few albums that resinate such truth in the music-that it is spellbinding.
This is such a great musical expression from this being another band that I am hearing for the first time, so much music that falls under the radar for the radio always wants the standard format songs.

There is something to be said for an artist that really strives to be the best they can be musically never apologizing for the music they have made or going to make instead make it for yourself, after all it is yours long before you send it out into the world.
This album just keeps impressing me song after song, they show such depth as a band what an honor to get to hear this album.
The picture is quite an interesting image indeed it is clearly from their video that I have posted in the review here.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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