Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CD Review: Sammal-Sammal Release Date Jan 18th ,2013(Svart Records)

If you want to take a trip back in time courtesy of a new band with a debut album for this year this is the album-if there ever was a time where I felt like I was back in the 70's for the majority of this album takes you there.

(From the band's bio)
"Sammal began when we were staying at our singer's summer cottage one autumn, listening to classic rock and prog LPs with a barely functioning vintage turntable. We had played in English language bands for some years, and that night we discussed our common interest to write songs in our native language and to follow the freely flowing creative spirit we heard on these records. We wanted to use music and the Finnish language to paint landscapes that are completely alien to modern day stress and musical pigeonholing. Free association and freedom of expression are still at the core of Sammal", comments guitarist/keyboardist Jura Salmi. 

This is a great trip back and a testament to the styles of music that was played back in the day and yes even though they sound like they are from that era, they have their own sound, here is a video(below)to prove that.
If you can appreciate the art of the music itself and not worry so much on the translation of the words then you can get totally swept away in their music and appreciate it for what it is a great album, period!Let the music take you away on a musical experience that not  a lot of musicians these days are willing to either try or yet record an album that totally expresses their musical adventure, damn the fans, damn the critics-they need to do this for them, then we can all enjoy it.

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Anthony Nadeau

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