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Fan Expo Vancouver & Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear-The List of Guests Piling Up....Leaps & Bounds April 20-21, 2013(Updated March 31)

The list for this years Fan Expo is growing massively and it is only the end of January.

                                            PLEASE NOTE:
                          THIS WILL BE UPDATED OFTEN!

Here is a full list of guests:

Fan Expo Guest List-Movies, Books, Comics , Animators(click here)

Exciting News what was going to be in another building all together Rue Morgue is now going to be in the same event as Fan Expo!!



I am looking forward to finally be able to meet these two as I have been trying to meet up with them for a number of years and with their busy schedules they have been unable to meet with me for an interview, they have already told me they will be able to meet me here at the show. I look forward to it.

Now each week there are more and more reasons to go to this

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really look forward to getting to talk with this legend.

                        STAN LEE

Pioneer of Marvel Comic Books and the creator of such Iconic superheroes as Spiderman amongst many others.


 He helped Frodo destroy the ring in
                          The Lord of The Rings his name is:

                                         SEAN ASTIN
Sean has starred in countless TV shows and movies including:
The Goonies, Rudy, 24(TV), Adopting Terror(TV Movie).

He starred as a number of different rangers but he never grew tired of the roles:

                                   JASON DAVID FRANK
He starred in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and played Tommy Oliver in the series.
She got to know Wayne Campbell(Wayne's World Movie) way better than any of us did then she went on an adventure in Relic Hunter-she is of course:
                                  TIA CARRERE

He is a local hero amongst techies being on The Electric Playground television series, that helps us with our devices from the computer age, he is :

                                    VICTOR LUCAS
Part of the helm that has looked harder than anyone into the world of Harry Potter and what it takes to defeat him is none other than:

                                    TOM FELTON
                        DRACO MALFOY

His father was Jango and even though he was just a boy his future would hold big things for him.

                                         DANIEL LOGAN
                               (BOBBA FETT)
                            STAR WARS EPS: 1


He went into The Final Frontier and directed some of the films as well-he is :

                                 JONATHAN FRAKES
Commander William T. Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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