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Little Shop Movie Review: Frankenweenie(2012)*Oscar Nominated Films*Updated Jan 10, 2013

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So why the two covers for one movie? Well glad you asked that one on the left with the real dog was when Tim Burton was an animator for Disney and he made a short 30 minute film with Shelly Duvall & Daniel Craig playing the parents of Victor Frankenstein(Barrett Oliver)but then Disney claims that the film is too scary for the younger audience that is Disney so they shelved it and Burton left and made Beetlejuice & Batman to which he became a famous director from-so then all of a sudden the film isn't scary anymore and they release it on VHS in 1984(take a closer look at the photo they mention the 2 films I did).

October 5, 2012 comes with a new version clocks in at  87 minutes and is using the latest technology for stop animation. He uses Danny Elfman to score this film as he has countless time before.
So if you are familiar with Frankenstein then great if not read along.

Victor Frankenstein likes to play catch with his dog Sparky until one day the ball accidentally rolls out of the front yard into the street. Yes this film is dark as only Tim Burton can do I do not know of many directors today that has this same style as he does for this type of story.
More importantly the life is brought back more on the fact that Victor truly loves his dog, a tear is shed and then life is back.
His science teacher has an uncanny resemblance to that of Vincent Price.This adds to the list of some of the better animated films from last year, Brave, Wreck It Ralph, Rise of the Guardians.
When Sparky is up and running around he does cause a lot of concern as this is a small, weird town already below is a pic of the kids that are in his school.
The group of charcters that are in this film are so well done if you enjoyed his other films like "The Nightmare Before Christmas" & "Corpse Bride" then you know what to expect and this has that charm of "Nightmare".

Burton being a fan of B-Movies and low budget he really shows his love for those genres in this film as he did in Ed Wood, the argument on whether he got it right or not will not be discussed here.
Thanks for reading this & be sure to get to the shop on the 8th and get your copy of Frankenweenie.

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