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Little Shop Movie Reviews-Cinema Madness! Taken 2 & Won't Back Down

                        Not knowing what I was in for I entered the first                                                          
                                        film with uncertainty
                                    First we enter Door #2:
                                "Won't Back Down"

After the credits role at the start of the movie there are the words:

Inspired by a True Story.

That in one sentence says that all that needs to be said to make you understand this is not an after school special that tells you everything is going to be OK. There are many doubts cast in this subject of starting back up a school that is failing poorly in the education process of having their students learn. We are shown classes at the start where Maggie Gyllenhaal asks her daughters teacher to maybe stay a few minutes after with her daughter and she is sternly told "Class is OVER at 3 pm"

This lights a fire in her as her daughter has dyslexia and is deteremmed to get her the best help possible, without fail with nothing short of opening her own school with some help.

This is a drama and it does in fact have it's dramatic moments for sure but these are not false moments or scenes where people are yelling at each other etc, there is compassion there is hope and understanding-what is wrong with that we all yearn for that.
I feel that there are indeed these movies that help us see what we as people working together can accomplish and there are those movies that do celebrate the teachers, students and the faculty.

I disagree with the statement that Variety magazine said about the film-they called the film a "heavy-handed inspirational drama" that "grossly oversimplifies the issue at hand. I feel that the issues were tackled from both sides and were well represented from all the actors in the cast.
Also the comment is unjust as the three lead actresses Maggie Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis & Holly Hunter do fantastic work her Maggie has one of her more normal characters here, not a junkie etc just a single mom wanting the best for her child.

The site continued, "Barnz's disingenuous pot-stirrer plays to audiences' emotions rather than their intelligence, offering meaty roles for Maggie Gyllenhaal as a determined single mom, and Viola Davis as the good egg among a rotten batch of teachers, while reducing everyone else to cardboard characterizations. Absent high-profile champions, femme-centric pic could suffer from low attendance."
 I challenge that statement amongst many others just because a movie is cast as a woman in the lead does not mean it is going to fail. No one had any idea that "Dead Poets Society" would be such a hit "Lean on Me" and "Stand & Deliver" I personally thought were better films as is "Freedom Writers" with Hilary Swank."Pretty Woman" was a movie told strictly from the viewpoint of a prostitute but that is a good role model for young women?
Waiting for a raffle for her daughter to attend one of the better schools in their area.

We all have our heroes and say what you want but for my school days my heroes allot of the times were my teachers like for instance Mrs Segstro or Dave Grigg there are others but in my heart of hearts those are the two that said the most to me as a person, they treated me as an individual and that is what this film cries for is just for an education system that puts all kids first, not yours, not mine but everyone's child.
I felt the passion in the actors whether they were "so-called" good or bad they had a point to make there were times when the film does get bitter and there are offers made to put the fire out so to speak, but in the end a mother's love for her child tops the list over what others think and say that she should do.
I think Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis do incredible work here Viola I think(my opinion) was overlooked for her performance where most of the time with a character going through the things she has to endure during her time with us in the 2+ hours here-she is a rock!But then again I have not seen the other actresses performances that have been

The film is loosely based on the events surrounding the use of the parent trigger law in Sunland-Tijuana, Los Angeles, California in 2010, where several groups of parents attempted to take over several failing public schools. The Parent Trigger law, which was passed in California and other states in 2010, allowed parents to enforce administrative overhaul and overrule administrators in under-performing public schools if petitioned. If successful, petitions allow parents to direct changes such as dismissal of staff and potential conversion of a school to a charter school.

I felt this was a great attempt to make people take a better look at the school systems in their local community.

                             Let's go next door shall we?
                                          Cinema #1
                                        "TAKEN 2"

I was excited to hear this film was coming out being a big fan of the first one(as were many)I love my action films almost more than a number of people I know. I am a huge fan of Luc Besson's work "La Femme Nikita" "The Big Blue" The Professional" aka "Leon" even "The Fifth Element". So when I heard he was going to co-write and produce the film I was excited, but then the film started. 

The story somewhat picks up where we left off in the first film we are updated through the film of their relationships, jobs etc but the audience is never really pulled into this one-like as in the first. Taken was about their daughter being kidnapped and Liam puts the hurt on the men that took his daughter as it only can be told in a movie, well done made lots of money. 
Taken 2 it's the parents turn there is one of the most pathetic rooftop chase given as their daughter tries to find their location, she bombs a number of places Ala Dad as if he hears the grenades going off closer to him then she is that much closer. He is hostage in a basement but he can tell her to turn left or right? OK then.
She runs across rooftops and drives a stolen cab that her father insists that she drives really well considering that she failed her drivers test in America 3 times already, I guess the roads are better there?
I was really disappointed by this film for many reasons last of all my comments are when editing the fight films please don't make them SO flashy like a music video that we cannot see what is actually happening.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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