Monday, January 28, 2013

Little Shop of Movies: It's Their 1st Anniversary!

Well when all the other video stores in town were closing their doors Jim Barr & his wife Tiffany got the keys to their own store and they opened "Little Shop of Movies" here in Maple Ridge BC.

In a little strip mall here in town they took the chance that there were still those out there that wanted to rent DVD's still and not charge all their viewing to the Television bill, well this friday Feb 1, 2013 marks their 1st Year Anniversary, congrats!

The desire to help people with their choices and their friendly approach to the customer when they enter their store is one of the reasons they are doing well. January 22nd they welcomed their 2,300 customer to their list of many so there is also the proof.
I have been given the honor of reviewing films for the store as I enjoy movies and I spoke to Jim about possibly doing that for him, in return the rentals are comp but I would never abuse that right as I am doing it to support him and his business and it also allows my posts to be current with newer releases out on DVD so it benifits both of us(hopefully).
Have a look below follow the link to their page and see what they have coming up for the Anniversary Specials:

                                 Little Shop of Movies Website

This is worth a Celebration!

And some other things as well:

This is fun and a great tribute to the movies with some of the best  lines ever in the history of film.

Here is to another year!

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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Cheryl said...

That's terrific. Good for them.