Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Magical Music: NEW! Video from The Como Brother Band featuring Kayla Stockert

I had the pleasure of reviewing The Como Brothers Band album not so long ago, I say that with sincerity even though it might surprise most of you reading this it was a great album.
Then I was made aware that they had a new video out via their Facebook page and watched it on You Tube that was just added 4 days ago. They have partnered with Kayla Stockert for this video Matt tells me via email where the partnering came about.

Kayla contacted us in the beginning because she needed help writing some original songs for her first EP. We ended up co-writing the song Don't Go Messing With my Heart with her and writing two other songs for her: What They Say, and Your Love.  The result was the EP "Castles In The Sand" by Kayla Stockert and The Como Brothers.

We thought she had a unique feel to her voice and loved the idea of collaborating/writing/recording with her.   She is very talented and awesome to work with! We really loved the song What They Say and thought it would make for a great music video because it has a positive message behind it. The song is about not giving up in life and not buying into pessimism and defeat.

Kayla is only 15 she has the sound of a teenager that is no surprise what is though the depth of the lyrics etc and here vocal styles are a nice blend with The Como Brothers.

So without further ado here is the music video below:

I wish them all the luck with this single and here are some pages if you like what you hear check these out:

There at both the websites is all the links for Facebook, Twitter etc.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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