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Movie Review: Abducted Released Jan 8th, 2013(The Asylum)

Originally titled "Layover" I only know this as when I tried to get info for the title through IMDB the other title showed up first with aka Abducted. It was aired on the Lifetime Network before being released on DVD this month.Suzanne Holinsworth(Lauren Holly) is a successful business woman and a tyrant as well. With her firing and re-hiring her assistant Rebbecca(Kaylee DeFer) time and time again and calling her repeatedly to complain about this or that -we are on Rebecca's side for sure. When her boss does not call her-which she does daily to harass her Rebbecca is concerned.
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Suzanne has got herself into a world of trouble as the rundown hotel she is staying at the room next door is making an awful amount of noise. She goes to confront them and is knocked out and dragged into the room. She is taken to an abandoned hospital where she and some other young women are being held captive.
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This film has a good edge to it and keeps the pace going quite well, had this been a theatrical release I think these women would have been exploited a lot more, the women are never beaten or anything nasty more an empathetic approach to the hostage scenario.
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The scenes are well orchestrated and we believe that these men have bad intentions- they have built a website with all the women on it and they have started a bidding war on them for the are going to take them to Russia and auction them off to the highest bidder.
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Lauren Holly does a good job her as Suzanne, she helps the young women believe in themselves even if they don't believe her at all.
I would recommend you see this film even though it was made for TV it is one of the better ones.
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