Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Movie Review: Adopting Terror(2012)(The Asylum)

I had this on my to watch list for some time however the studio kept sending me newer films and so this was put on the back burner.Well I finally watched it and it was pretty decent indeed.

Tim & Cheryl Broadbent want to start a family and check the adoption agency in their town. The parents of the young girl Mona have lost all their rights to her and the state has taken from them.
The father shows up and says that Mona is still is daughter and the Cat & Mouse games start, with little surprise.
What is a surprise though is how well this story is told and the cast is very good in their roles.
When they are celebrating Mona's birthday in a local park, Dad shows up and without hesitation tells them that he is her father.

This plays out well as there are believable scenes that make it all the more menacing however the hospital scene does take away from most of it.What nurse ever tells parents they cannot be present when their child is receiving shots I have yet to witness.
What makes this film  work the most is that of the work of Brendan Fehr who plays Kevin Anderson that is one creepy guy indeed. This works also for the things that the Broadbent's do as well, he goes out and buys a gun for their protection.
His wife of course sees the danger of having a gun in their home and asks that he get rid of it. She of course cannot see the dangers of someone else, very close by-I will let you find that part out.
I think this holds up as a film and lives up to the trailer for an exciting thriller at a small budget.

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Anthony Nadeau

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