Thursday, January 10, 2013

Welcome Back David Bowie!10 Years Has Been Too Long

He surprised me and he surprised everyone on his 66th Birthday Rock Legend David Bowie announced he had a NEW single and a new album will be out March 11, 2013.
I was excited and then I heard the single/video for the song-I was amazed- he still has it the undying means to write a song that captures what he is trying to get across.Although nothing as flashy as we are used to with him this is a dressed down Bowie his head an image on top of a doll, with images of his past playing behind him, with a shot of history there as well.
His voice somber and sounding almost sad for the time is upon us all and his thoughts I guess on where he/we are as a planet.
I applaud the simplicity of this video where so many videos these days are so full of everything this has less but says so, so much more-visually I find it captivating.
So here it is below hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The woman in the video is being anonymous she will not be after all the views of this song.
There are a number of posts on You Tube of this video some are in the thousands and a few in the millions.
I have watched this many times I am so intrigued as to how they shot this and am so looking forward to his release of his new album in March. 
"Wild is the Wind" is quite easily one of my favorite songs of his if not my favorite, I enjoy all of his music but this one has always been a favorite.

This is the cover of his new album below:

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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