Friday, February 15, 2013

CD Review: Alpha Tiger-Beneath The Surface(Released Feb 5th, 2013)-Century Media

There are those of us that guard our Heavy Metal with pride,  but there comes a time when you say that there is enough room for all types of metal. This is a tribute if you will to the classic sounds of some great metal.
Alright I will get serious now and say that this band comes across as a tribute band to all the hair bands from the 80's the lyrics the song structure etc, etc-oh and the overall image. Now that being said this is a very well oiled album(with the hairspray)but all that aside this is a decent album.

Say what you will they are young kids sure but they have some well written songs, I was pleasantly surprised that is why my review of the album is late as I have given it a few more spins.
I enjoyed this for what it was and that is some good rock songs.

(Band's Bio)

Germany’s ALPHA TIGER are living proof for the fact that traditional heavy metal does not necessarily need to be created by elderly people and the band’s hard-hitting second album (and Century Media debut) “Beneath The Surface” kicks rusty rockers out of their wheelchairs with its remarkably fresh take on early Helloween and Queensryche – perfect metal pleasure guaranteed.

All lyrical topics are represented in the stunning cover artwork which despite bearing reminiscences to the work of cult artist Ed Repka was created by Hungarian designer Peter Tikos who also workedwith the band on the “Man Or Machine” cover. “We wanted a really vivid cover that refers to the lyrics and it features several allusions on the financial world and conspiracies. In my opinion it looks almost like a movie poster,” states Peter. Concerning their own visual appearance, ALPHA TIGER however remained true to themselves: Flashy bandanas, leather, spikes and pants Steve Harris probably wore for the last time back in 1987.

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