Friday, February 8, 2013

CD Review: Three Quarters Dead-The Cycle of Dust

Straight forward rock n roll is what you get from this band no apologies either and there are none needed this is some strong music all around.The single I always find is usually not the stronger songs on the album.

This is a good album all and all they show heart and there is some good clean/angry singing mixed well.
Pinebox is easily my favorite song on the album, great guitar work starting the song off and the rhythm through the song, the accompanying vocals great song!

"Until We Feast" is a great song as well to really keep this album pushing along at a fierce pace. The bridge on this song is a good one, with a great mix of the solos of guitars.

(from the band's bio)

3 Quarters Dead has toured with bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Mushroomhead and Dope. They played shows with Shinedown, Stuck Mojo, Switched, Nothingface, Chimaira, Gwar, Shadows Fall and many others. Their video for their single “The Unknown” was launched on MTV and Fuse and placed on Fuse On Demand and on various websites such as, revolver, spiketv and others. They also get regular airplay on 106.5 The End in Charlotte, North Carolina and 100.3 The Buzz in Greensboro, North Carolina, both being a Clearchannel Broadcasting station. They are currently doing local shows. There is a possibility that they may have a show with FasterPussycat which is still in the works. 

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