Monday, February 25, 2013

EP Review: Jess & The Ancient Ones -Astral Sabbat(Released Feb 22, 2013)Svart Records

Flower Power, Love Ins Bed Ins Make Love Not War all these images and more come back to me when one turns on Jess & The Ancient Ones.
This is a good thing by the way I welcome this styling of music a cross between Jefferson Airplane the singing stylings of Grace Slick mixed with the musical approach of some of the great music of it's time this music sweeps you into the era that is the 60/70's with the fuzzboxes.
She has a strong commanding voice that deserves your attention this is a very strong outing for this band and can see why it is garnering them a great number of favorable reviews.
I love how they seem to incorporate the Svart image into the video.
Check at 2:11 of the video.

I really enjoyed this EP and look forward to more from this band this EP is only 3 songs by the way but the depth of the songs are great and the lengths are long.The third song is over 14 minutes long!
Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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