Thursday, February 14, 2013

Getting With The Times: Newspaper That Is

So you may be asking the question why am I covering a newspaper? When I mostly do music and movie reviews. Well this is not really coverage of a newspaper but a groundbreaking decision by the people of Glacier Media, without getting into numbers and all of the readers etc.  Glacier Media has done something that is huge and I wanted to share with you the readers this big event.
This was introduced last week that the Media group that is Glacier Media has teamed up with a group called Layar. here)
What Layar does is bring the physical copy of the paper to life in a sense, here have a look below there is a  video explaining all of that to make it easier to understand.

                                 Layar , The Media & You

This is huge and a number of other publications across the globe have already joined this digital revolution with the bigger of the media companies being the Black Press. This will put them at the forefront of media in this country and elsewhere where a number of giant papers including The Globe & Mail  and others are suffering with people reading their content online more and more.
The other big company is Hugh Hefner's Playboy I was told the other day when I went to go ask the women at The Times for some information and Livia is the reason for the video above as she sent it to me. Here are a few pages from the paper regarding this change, no word on this replacing the physical print edition of the paper this is just an extension of it.Now with a good number of you that do not live in the Maple Ridge and surrounding areas I guess you will have to wait for your papers to play catch up.

First Story Regarding The Layar App With The Black Press

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