Monday, February 18, 2013

Little Shop Movie Review: Cinema Madness Looper & Sinister

Looper stars and is Executive Produced(1 of many)by Joesph Gordon-Levitt and he does a great job in his role as Joe -Joe is a Looper and he has come back from the future to take himself out, sound like The Terminator? well, kind of there is also a mobster that is taking care of things here on Earth now for a man that calls himself  The Rainmaker. So when all this gets straightened out and things are clear the bullets start flying and many upon many chases and gun fights ensue.
With all of that just being icing on the cake so to speak as this incredibly rich and original story(who says borrowing a few things can't be original?)This gets twisted all over the place and if you are chatting or daydreaming or better yet leave the room when the film is playing do NOT expect to understand what is happening, this requires(and deserves)your full attention.
To fill those in that are unfamiliar to this story. Joe(Levitt) is met by himself 30 years later Joe 30 years later is played by Bruce Willis and there begins the cat and mouse games that start as he is to kill his older self-therin stopping his loop, which is himself 30 years later.Confused well you should be by now but like I said if you pay attention it will all explain itself.
Jeff Daniels suprises here with his performance of Abe a mobster but  he doesn't go nuts and start shooting people he does break a hand with a hammer and he is quite good as Abe.
Emily Blunt is a great addition to all this male testorone she has a strength all her own and stand back she means business. She is one of my favorite actresses lately after seeing her in The Adjustment Bureau and Wild Target I loved her in that.
If you like Science Fiction action films then give this a try.
Very much like The Matrix this is one to open the senses and play with the mind.

So with the majority vote that this was an actual scary film and that the trailers looked like it would hold together, well for me it didn't. There are some creeps and bumps in the night as well, but overall fear? Nah!
Elison Oswalt(Ethan Hawke)is a non-fiction writer who's latest offering is of the family of four that is slain at the house where he and his family are now moving into early into the film.
The family is getting settled through various scenes of breakfast or Elison setting up his office etc.
He is going to move some items into the attic and while there is already a box that has a projector for Super 8 film and some various films that are labeled.
He takes them to his office and sets everything up and starts to watch some of the films where they are very graphic images of people being killed in some grisly ways. Each film has a different theme etc, one is called Pool Party where the victims are strapped to lawn chairs and then by a rope dragged into the pool, backwards.
The image above is a demon that preys on children but there is nothing really there to make us afraid of him/it. I felt at most times it was trying very hard to be something it wasn't and that is scary.
I love horror movies, this was not one of the better ones in my books.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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