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Little Shop Movie Review:Skyfall, The Possession, The Sessions & Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter

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                       THE POSSESSION(2012)
The movie starts with the two young girls going to visit their father for the weekend, during their stay the come across a yard sale-the oldest reminding him that he needs dishes.
Em his youngest daughter finds a box that has special markings on it and she struck with wonder about it and asks her father to purchase it for her, not knowing the evil that dwells inside of it.
One night in bed the box calls to her the demon inside is speaking Polish to her, calling her name Em wakes and goes to the box.
The box is a Dybbuk box:
In Jewish mythology, a dybbuk (Yiddish: דיבוק, from Hebrew adhere or cling is a malicious or malevolent possessing spirit believed to be the dislocated soul of a dead person.(Wikipedia)

The family is spilt apart after certain things happen and the father is accussed of hitting Em, when it was something that her possessor has done.

Natasha Calis does a great job of convincing us that she is possessed and is quite scary in a good portion of her scenes.
She is visually altered in some of her scenes to add to the performance but overall it is her acting that comes across the most.
The typical family that is written for this type of film where the mother always believes her child that her husband is the bad one, not that there is something wrong with the child-has been done far too many times my only complaint about the film here.


This is a fantastic adventure of action, suspense and age that catches up to all of us.Here Bond is in fact older and he is very suddenly reminded of that-good it is about time that a hero start to feel his age.
There is a chase and a great fight scene on the top of a train all this shot at dizzying speeds and edited masterfully by one Stuart Baird(Lethal Weapon 1 & 2, Superman 1 &2 & Die Hard 2)plus many other films he is a great seamless editor that I am a huge fan of.
There is a reason for the great chase and fight as the man that Bond is after has got his hands on a computers hard drive that has information on all the Secret Agents and after some time through the film they start putting 5 agents names and their aliases on You Tube out to the world and three out of the five are assassinated, that is also posted for the world to see.
The film explores a world that has been untouched before that I have seen and that is the possibility that even someone as great as James Bond still ages and loses his touch there are some scenes that I applaud as he is shown that after all the macho-ness there is a still a human being under all the suits and special gadgets, much more depth than we have seen from previous Bond's.I think that is helps that a great director like Sam Mendes has the skill to show that through visuals rather than through words that would probably get an R rating.
It also helps when the villian of the film is played by Javier 
Bardem(No Country For Old Men)he is cold and some say gay, however that does not matter here as his character helps move the story along and has a great closing scene.
Bernice Marlohe is a stunning woman that plays  Sévérine
in this James Bonds 23rd film they always have a erotic young woman in these films but she is the prettiest by far the prettiest for me in a number of films.

The emphesis that I put on her is for the reason that a number of Bond women for me have not been attractive or decent actors she was both, and let's face it they are pushed a lot in these films as well as the special gadgets that Q makes for Mr' Bond, which are slim pickings in this one.
Great action and adventure in this one.


There were two Hunters last year both holding the same last name this film and The Asylum's film:

This film of course is released by a much larger studio and so the effects etc are much more elaborate etc, I am one of the few that enjoyed both films for the titles two different resons Vampires & Zombies. Although as far as story goes the Vampire comes out ahead a lot further, so do the action scenes.
The vampires are so well done in this film and all the action in it reminded me of "Blade" with Wesley Snipes.This is of course a total play on names and does a great job of recreating some of Lincolns early days with his start into politics and his strong stand on equality of all men.

If you like action, adventure with some horror then check this film out, the scene near the end of the train tracks should have been nominated for Best Visual Effects but then horror hardly gets the attention it is sometimes deserving of.

Here is a visual effects video(below)of the breakdown of the effects(please note:- there is no sound on the first video)

                     THE SESSIONS(2012)

Please Note:

This film is rated 18+ for graphic sexual conversations & nudity.

Helen Hunt is justly up for an Academy Award for her touching portrayal of a sex surrogate. While this film is about sex and the sessions that happen between him and his surrogate this is more a personal story of Mark 'O Brien's(John Hawke) awakening as a man and his discovery of not only his but the female body.
Helen Hunt's performance of the woman Cheryl that is trying to let him express himself sexually, something he has never been able to do before. She says although she is charging him for "The Sessions" she is not a prostitue. He admits all his feelings and emotions  to his priest and confidant  Father Brenden(William H. Macy).
The thing that makes this film work is the performances all around this is a great ensemble group of actors that were hired. Also that the sex is treated nothing more than an experiment of sorts to see how John will do and how this can help him better evolve as a man as well.
This story is based on truth and understanding also on the basis that he is treated like a man by all that he comes into contact with and not a freak on a bed. His disability is never the real problem here just his willingness to experiment with someone who is understanding of his situation and not make him feel any less of a man for things that may be easy for most of the world.
Something as easy as shaving comes the scene where one of his aids helps him shave, something that makes me feel fortunate that I have that ability, as there are many more people that don't either have the ability to do so themselves or have someone to do it for them.
I applaud Helen Hunt for doing this role and not the reason a lot of you may think(because she is naked for a good part of it)-the opposite as I think she really blossems here in this role it was almost like it was written for her, she seems so comfortable in her skin either dressed or undressed and that is rare and the naked body is something we all see when we undress anyways. The WAY that the nudity was handled was never done in a peverse fashion but an understanding of the human body.My mother was an artist that did a number of paintings of others and had others do portraits of her naked and these types of drawings me and my siblings grew up around, so thanks mom. As I said to my friend today there is a difference between Playboy and Hustler-this is a Playboy for sure.

(From Wikipedia)
Mark O'Brien contracted polio  in 1955 and spent the rest of his life paralyzed and requiring an iron lung In the iron lung he attended UC Berkeley, produced his poetry and articles, and became an advocate for disabled people. He co-founded a small publishing house, Lemonade Factory, dedicated to poetry written by people with disabilities.
O'Brien was the author of several volumes of poetry, including Breathing, and an autobiography entitled How I Became a Human Being: A Disabled Man’s Quest for Independence.

Here is a look at the women in Mark's life(and film)

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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