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Little Shop of Movies Review: Cinema Madness-Flight & Dredd

                        CINEMA #1--FLIGHT
This is yet another film by Robert Zemeckis that I am unsure why it is getting such attention I was sent this film in the mail as a "For Your Consideration" DVD and the same day I received my copy of "Cinema Editor" that had a DVD with a edit of the crash scene of the film. I get that we are looking into the life of a troubled pilot that has gone through an ugly divorce and is having troubles seeing his oldest son for he hates hi father for leaving them.
Because of decisions that he made earlier that morning before he was to fly the plane the plane in fact does crash, now some say that would have something to do with it-or there was a fault with the plane.
Playing cleanup crew and making sure he is on the up and up(not the drug kind)but being honest about being sober Charlie Anderson(Bruce Greenwood) is Whip Whitaker's(Denzel)friend and boss and Hugh Lang(Don Cheadle)the lawyer for the airline is fantastic as usual he needs to be nominated more often in my books. Do not get me wrong the performances are great in this film the thing that kills it for me is the drab, boring scenes of intoxication and his pity party that never stops and John Goodman basically reprising his role from "The Big Lebowski" here and that's a shame really.
Some put him on a pedestal as he did land the plane and there were few casualties , however he was responsible for everyone on that plane and his flight attendant knows this and so does his co-pilot, who says he will squeal when needed too.This is not just a film about a plane crash but of a soul that has crashed and needs help getting it all back together, for him and his family.
Overall I think once again he is being nominated for a an average film at best and this is not some of his better work, nor Zemeckis.


I love the comic book movies, Spiderman, Batman & Superman and last years Avengers and some others, but there are some that should stay on the page-this is one that clearly needs to do just that.
If you think Daredevil(Ben Affleck)meets The Punisher: War Zone then that in fact gets you to Dredd, one of the worst anti-heroes ever, give me Lobo any day over him.

He and his rookie partner are investigating a triple homicide in one of the worst parts of the city(always)and then the leader of the building Ma-ma(Lena Headey)has the only good role in the entire film or she is just the better actor in the film, that is probably truer.
Ma-ma then locks the entire building down when they have one of her men that will sing like a canary for them.
The battle ensues and he and his partner are now trapped in a building that hates cops and Ma-ma holds the pulse of the building having locked down the building until the police are killed blocks out all the natural light.
At least we have about as much time with Ma-ma as we do with Dredd as she is all that kept my attention in this film and that has to do with the performance of Lena Headey. She is a great actress.

There are also some great shots when the criminals take what they call Slo-Mo is a drug that they take using an inhaler and what it does is slow time down and things move a lot slower for them and some of the scenes shot under this effect is very cool to watch.
Of course that he has a female partner with him the catch her and if it were a male partner he would dead, however they think she being a rookie that she won't be a worry...well she was trained just takes her sometime to warm up.
If you like this sort of film, check it out-I love this sort of film, just not this or even just for argument sakes I did not care for the Sylvester Stallone film that he did either.

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Anthony Nadeau

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