Thursday, February 28, 2013

Movie Review: 500 MPH Storm-Released Feb 26, 2013(The Asylum)


500 MPH Storm starts like any disaster film, with disaster.
There is a scientist Nathan Simms(Casper Van Dein-Starship Troopers)that has made a particle accelerator, the launch causes a disruption in the ozone layer thus creating the title of our film here. For the remainder of the film they spend their time trying to deactivate the accelerator.

In my personal opinion I am glad that at least Micheal Beach gets credit because his performance is the only noteworthy thing about this film. His delivery is very good in all the scenes he is in making everyone else in this film look really bad. This was a painful film to sit through my two kids watched it with me and we all groaned allot of the time through this.
Casper Van Dein is the lead actor in the film and does little to convince us that he is in charge of anything let alone his lines he is this. There is little to no suspense all the way through this the actors do an amazingly bad job of convincing us that there is a storm anywhere-that's the problem with all the CGI these days. It has to be terribly difficult to be afraid of something you cannot even see in front of you.
....or behind you...

This will be on my worst list for the year this was hard to watch I love movies and as of late I have been enjoying the films from The Asylum(for the most part).

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Anthony Nadeau

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Anonymous said...

stopped the movie after 20 min... no doutb, they won the lemon price!
tornado is coming toward the house, no electicity... what does mom say '' i'll make sandwiches,'' what? very poor acting, bad script, bad director, bad producer, it's got it all......
would recommend this to my worst enemy.!!!