Friday, February 1, 2013

Movie Review: Rise of the Zombies(2012)Releases Feb 12, 2013(The Asylum)

I am sorry but for this film I took a look at what others thought of it before I started my review, that being said what are people expecting when they watch a film from The Asylum?
If you are looking for movies that the Academy is looking to award then looks elsewhere, if you want some good escapist fun then look to The Asylum.
That out of the way here is the review:
I have never been a fan of zombie films at the same token I have seen more than my fair share of them as I do enjoy horror films.
There are good ones even some decent remakes Dawn of the Dead(2004) George A Romero is of course the reason we really even have the zombies really.
There is a lot of skin crunching and blood and guts everywhere there are some very stiff performances here as the lead actors seem uncomfortable in their roles, no they not convincing in this Mariel Hemmingway is trying poorly to be Sigourney Weaver from Alien and fails.
The zombie makeup was done well and at least Lavar Burton did the best he could with what he had to go with.
The world is overrun with zombies, notice the title?A group of survivors take to Alcatraz island to save themselves, but they are found there as well.
The action is well done to the point that it certainly helps keep the movie going at a good pace-that is the editor.

There are some good parts where the compassion for the human suffering is taking it's toll on them, but the worst part of a film I have seen in years happens in this film let's just say it involves a small child-won't explain that scene.
How they could possibly survive this onslaught of zombies is beyond me -oh I know a sequel? I did not mind this really it was well done for a TV movie but I sure wish they would produce more actual films for DVD or theatres like Hold Your Breath.

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Anthony Nadeau

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