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The Rickshaw Theatre Presents: Concert Listings

FEB 14TH, 2013

                                   February 14th
      Live at the Rickshaw & Perryscope Concerts presents:

                                 +19 Doors: 8:00 PM
True rock n' roll doesn't require definition. It's self-explanatory based on a gut feeling and the unconditional devotion to the musical genre. Nashville Pussy have celebrated their brand of genuine rock n' roll for more than a decade, in classic style at times, surprising at others, but always earthy, raw and unadulterated. Band mastermind Blaine Cartwright (vocals, guitar), his wife Ruyter Suys (guitar), Karen Cuda (bass) andJeremy Thompson (drums) poured their heart and soul into the latest rock release, entitled From Hell To Texas, which saw the band hone their most impressive recording to date alongside the non stop touring, from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Japan, and almost a year straight with the Reverend Horton Heat, "We allowed ourselves this time to give the songs the chance to turn out as perfect as possible," Cartwright explains. "We kept playing the new tracks at our rehearsal room until they really clicked. I feel they're heavier and grittier than previous releases. The whole creative process took three long years, but the result has been worth the trouble."
 Their songs are mostly about fun and good times, but occasionally – as in the case of 'Late Great USA' – they also stick the finger into an open wound. "Although Blaine's comical and satyrical themes mostly prevail on From Hell To Texas, there are two or three numbers which deal with more serious subjects. 'Late Great USA' is a political song, we simply had to vent our anger at certain grievances in this country."
February 28th
Rangda with guests Blackout Beach & Nurse

+19 Doors: 8:00 PM
$13 +S/C adv
Rangda the band threatens to usurp Rangda the Balinese demon for search-engine supremacy, thanks to the magnificent firepower of three vastly respected, veteran underground musicians: Sir Richard Bishop, Ben "Six Organs of Admittance" Chasny, and Chris Corsano. A power-trio-supergroup of sorts (though they strenuously deny it), Rangda arose from Chasny's desire to start a band with two of his favorite musicians (Corsano guested on Six Organs' 2005 album School of the Flower).  Their latest album, 2012's "Formerly Extinct", is a masterclass in psychedelic noise music that will leave your ears screaming for more.

March 3rd
The Swingin' Utters, Wild Roses (featuring Marc Orrell from Dropkick Murphys)
+19 Doors: 8:00 PM
$15 +S/C adv

The  Swingin’  Utters  have  been  kicking  around  the  San  Francisco  Bay  Area  for  25  years  now.  They’ve  met  their  wives  and  their  best  friends  on   these  streets;  they’ve  grown  and  aged  right  here  in  the  Bay  Area.  This  has  ignited  the  very  essence  of  what  goes  into  their  value  system  and   more  importantly  their  music,  because  it  is  a  reflection  of  those  experiences.  For  example,  the  band  took  a  break  to  raise  their  families,  right  at   the  height  of  their  popularity!    Did  it  faze  them?  Not  really.  Darius  became  a  plumber.  Johnny  honed  his  drawing  skills  and  started  a  screen-­‐‑ printing  business  in  his  garage.  Spike  continued  singing  for  all-­‐‑star  cover  band  Me  First  and  the  Gimme  Gimmes.  No  one  really  knows  how   Greg  spends  his  time.  He  is  sort  of  a  mystery.  That’s  the  thing  with  these  guys.  It  is  family  first,  with  music  always  germinating  within  those   life  choices.  During  the  Utters’  semi-­‐‑hiatus,  they  all  continued  playing  music  in  bands  like Druglords  of  the  Avenues,  the  Re-­‐‑volts  and  Filthy   Thieving  Bastards.    Their  life  experiences  influence what  goes  into  their  records.  A  case  in  point  is  their  debut:  1995’s  The  Streets  of  San   Francisco;  their first  full  length  and  an  essential  “streetpunk”  masterpiece.    Fat  Mike  took  notice  of  their  grit  and  honesty, and  signed  them  to   Fat  Wreck  Chords.  From  there  they  put  out  a  ton  of  great  records,  including  A Juvenile  Product  of  the  Working  Class,  Five  Lessons  Learned,  Brazen   Head,  Swingin’  Utters  and  Dead Flowers,  Bottles,  Bluegrass,  and  Bones.    For  10  years  the  Utters  toured  relentlessly  with  the  likes  of Rancid,  NOFX,   Dropkick  Murphys  and  everyone  in  between.    Which  brings  us  back  to  celebrating  their 25th  anniversary,  the  band  fully  recharged  with  their   second  album  in  three  years  and  no  signs  of  slowing down  anytime  soon.
When  the  Swingin’  Utters  finally  released  Here,  Under  Protest  last  April  after  an  8  year  wait,  fans  were seriously  excited  and  rewarded  for  their   loyalty  and  patience  with  another  well-­‐‑crafted  punk  rock masterpiece.    And  that  was  just  the  start.    With  a  flurry  of  writing  in  2012,  the  band   quickly  released  a new  two  song  7”  titled  The  Librarians  Are  Hiding  Something  last  Fall,  with  another  full  length  already recorded,  now  set  for   release  on  February  19th,  2013.    Now  what  was  particularly  cool  about  this  single is that  the  A-­‐‑side  was  a  nice  precursor  to  what  fans  could   expect  from  the  upcoming  full  length  in  that  it welcomed  the  appearance  of  new  bassist  Miles  Peck  on  an  Utters  record  AND  marked  Jack   Dalrymple’s debut  as  a  songwriter  for  the  band,  as  he  and  vocalist  Johnny  Bonnel  co-­‐‑wrote  Librarians.    Said  Bonnel, “I’ll  simply  say  it  is  one  of   the  happiest  times  in  my  years  with  Swingin’  Utters.  Being  able  to  create  music  with  these  dudes  is  pretty  exciting  and  I’m  looking  forward  to   writing  more!”  And  so  onwards  and  upwards  to  the  present.
With their latest  opus  Poorly  Formed,  SWINGIN’  UTTERS  continue  to  shatter  musical  boundaries.  Obviously  they’ve  got  the  punk  rock  end  of   the  spectrum  nailed,  and  have  always  had  a  flare  for  folk  and  country  as  well,  but  this  album  sees  them  hone  their  indie/post-­‐‑punk/garage-­‐‑ rock  skills.  If  Here,  Under  Protest  Part  of  that  is  due  to  the  emergence  of  Jack  Dalrymple  (of  One  Man  Army  fame)  as  a  contributing  songwriter   for  the  first  time  since  he  officially  joined  the  band  and  started  recording  with  them  on  their  last  full-­‐‑length.  Mix  that  with  Johnny  and  Darius’   well  established  songwriting  prowess,  and  round  it  out  with  their  collective  pop  sensibilities,  and  what  you  end  up  with  is  a  truly   unforgettable  album.  Picture  some  classic  SWINGIN’  UTTERS  with  a  dash  of  Gang  of  Four  and  a  pinch  of  The  Strokes,  all  wrapped  up  in  a   bunch  of  catchy  melodies  and  you’ll  start  to  get  an  idea  of  what  you’re  in  for  with  Poorly  Formed.  Darius  Koski,  singer/guitarist  had  this  to  say   about  the  record:
“Our  new  record  was  written  pretty  quickly,  more  so  than  anything  we’ve  done  in  the  past.  One  of  the  reasons,  I  think,  was  that  Jack  had   several  songs  in  various  stages  of  completeness,  but  once  he  decided  to  give  Johnny  the  music,  and  have  Johnny  write  the  lyrics  and  vocal   melody  to  his  instrumentation,  things  started  to  fly...  So  there  are  several  of  these  Johnny/Jack  songs  on  the  record  (which  marks  the  first   songs  Jack’s  written  with  us).  In  that  way,  it  was  a  brand  new  writing  process  for  us,  so  it  was  pretty  exciting,  and  we’re  really  happy  with  the   way  all  of  these  songs  came  out  in  the  end.  Mixing  with  Chris  Dugan  was  an  added  bonus,  and  we  really  hope  we  can  work  with  him  again!   We’ll  be  on  the  west  coast  in  March,  as  well  as  a  few  NoCal  record  release  shows  in  late  February.  We’re  planning  on  hitting  everywhere  else   in  the  US  (and  Canada  too!)  by  the  end  of  the  summer.  We’re  going  to  Australia  with  Frank  Turner  and  the  Dropkick  Murphys  for  a  few  days   in  early  April  (our  first  time  on  that  continent!),  and  heading  to  Europe  in  July.  Hopefully  Japan  sometime  in  the  fall.” 
Get  ready  to  redefine  just  who  the  Swingin’  Utters  are,  since  they’re  not  a  band  who’s  ever  made  the  same  record  twice.  And  while  the  tones   and  arrangements  set  this  record  apart  from  their  recent  work,  there’s  still  plenty  of  piss  ‘n’  vinegar  along  with  all  the  other  hallmarks  of  a   great  Swingin’  Utters  record:  catchy  melodies,  diverse  instrumentation,  and  intelligent,  heartfelt  lyrics.

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