Friday, March 1, 2013

CD Review: Buckcherry-Confessions--Released Feb 19, 2013(Century Media Records)

With their first offering I was not impressed and this is no different for me this  sounds like so much of the rock music that has been on the radio for the past two decades with nothing new to express.
I am not a fan of the radio as the songs that are played are either a choice of the labels or the station manager for the most part.
"Gluttony" is a catchy song for the most part but very fast wears out it welcome. This is not all bad the songs are well played but this kind of party music just does not play well for me. "The Truth" & "Sloth" are two  of the better songs on the album for sure, they slow things down and Josh Todd shows some range as a singer nothing mind-blowing but something different vocally.

(Band Bio)
Unleashing 15 in 2006, Buckcherry became an international platinum-selling phenomenon and radio mainstay. “Crazy Bitch” galvanized the outfit with another sexy, scuzzy romping crowd pleaser, while the album's fifth single “Sorry” saw massive crossover success. It reached #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #8 on the Billboard Pop 100. As a result, 15 has moved over one million copies in the United States alone, and the band’s stateside sales-to-date overall surpass 2.8 million.
For me numbers do not impress as much as the overall effect of the music, because this is easily listened to and easily forgotten as well, from my viewpoint anyways I am sure there are many that will disagree with me.

The link below is only there as there seems to be problems with getting the video to load properly, so this time if you want to watch the video for "Gluttony" then click the link below for it.

Buckcherry-Gluttony Music Video(click here)

For the fan of rock music this is a fair addition to the genre however there are much better acts out there as in:
Stone Temple Pilots that they clearly get their sound from, but hey that's alright.

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Anthony Nadeau

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