Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CD Review: Intronaut-Habitiual Levitations(Released March 19, 2013)Century Media Records

Mind numbing bass and drums guitar riffs galore and lyrics that are spell binding, mesmerizing and thought provoking are just a few things that separate this band from some of the many bands that are out there.If you like very progressive heavy music that is played with such style that makes your jaw hurt from the awesomeness then pick this one up.

This is one fantastic album from a great band that like many that I have received through the labels this is the first time I am hearing this band this will not be my last (for sure)

(Band's Bio)
Los Angeles post-prog masters Intronaut return with their 4th and most impressive full length album to date; Habitual Levitations. Once again yielding thunderous, tribal drum beats, hypnotic bass patterns, angular guitar riffs and the trance-like vocals of Sacha Dunable, Intronaut pick up where they left off on 2010’s Valley of Smoke, though this time around, see the songs a bit more refined and cultivated. The band toured heavily in support of Valley, including a stint opening for Tool in the US, which may explain the more polished sound. Intronaut has always teetered close on being a jam band. With one of the greatest rhythm sections in music (drummer, Danny Walker and bassist, Joe Lester) it would be hard not to just light up and see where those two take you.
Experimenting on stage, knowing exactly where each band member is going in the song and thus really becoming one as a band is what Intronaut has achieved and what producers John Haddad [Exhumed, Phobia] and Derek Donley [Bereft] managed to capture perfectly on the new album. With a US tour supporting Meshuggah and Animals as Leaders set prior to Habitual’s release, Intronaut will surely continue to mature and solidify themselves as one of the best metal bands around.

I am proud to have this in my collection of albums reviewed and this is easily one of the best from this year-for sure

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Anthony Nadeau

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