Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CD Review: Jolly- The Audio Guide To Happiness Part 2(Released March 5th, 2013)Inside Out Music

"Welcome to part two of  The Audio Guide to Happiness if you have not yet completed part one , please do so now before continuing." 

That is how we are introduced to the album.
Yes there was a part one but I was not doing this when part one came about I guess, glad to have joined in the second session though let me tell you. There is a certain mysticism with the lyrics and the playing of music that can attach you to certain bands. Like what are they like as people as we only get to hear this side of them and that sound is fantastic!There are some great qualities of the vocal range in this music some songs like "You Against The World" has some reggae segments that are fantastic breakdowns and shows diversity for the band.
Let's be honest here there are very few heavy bands that dress this way and pose with their animals(no the four legged one).

Band's bio:

The story of JOLLY starts with four guys growing up in New York City. They attended public school, shared an affinity for 90s rock, and were all big fans of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

On an average temperature day in November 2006, all four guys separately decided to start looking to form their ideal band. One Craigslist reply, one high school reunion, and one awkward conversation later, JOLLY’s current lineup, Anadale, Joe Reilly, Anthony Rondinone, and Louis Abramson, was established. They began writing and recording songs, and posting their material on Myspace. A label owner in Switzerland heard JOLLY and offered them a record deal, and suddenly the band’s plans to record an EP transformed into recording a full-length album.

This is a fantastic album I have already listened to it a number of times already.
Here is their song "Joy" from The Audio Guide To Happiness Part 1-they have clearly changed their stylings but that is OK-this is a good song.

There are great bass riffs throughout this album and the music is a joy to listen too as well.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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