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CD Review: Suncrown-Follow Your Dream(2012)

(Bands Bio)

Suncrown is an international symphonic/epic metal band formed in 2011 by songwriter and keyboardist Oleg Biblyi (Ukraine) and vocalist Darren Crisp (USA). Then the group joined guitarist Gustavo Bonfá (Brazil) and bassist Ederson Prado (Brazil) . In July 2011 Suncrown released their first video clip “Follow Your Dream” . In October Suncrown released a video clip in memory of Ronnie James Dio “Suncrown - Children of the Sea (Black Sabbath cover)” with legendary drummer Vinny Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell). Female singer Juliana Furlani (Brazil) and drummer Tim Zuidberg (Netherlands) has joined and bring great performance and energy to the group. In February 2012 the group recorded video clip “Believe” with 2 new members: guitarist Kevin Ellerby (USA) and flute palyer Uğur Kerem Cemiloğlu (Turkey). In June the group released a new video on song “Eyes of the World” which showed the essence of the full group. In September – October 2012 group will release their first album.

Oleg contacted me through Facebook and asked me to review their album, Hello!Can you write review on our album Suncrown "Follow Your Dream"? WOW! what an honor to do so I know I keep saying that but I feel that I am obviously doing something that is being noticed around the world.
I can honestly say that I enjoyed this album there is some fantastic songs on this album and why they are not signed I am unsure of.

This has such a broad scope of music every piece of music is vastly different and reaches such hope for humanity in the song above(Video).
I think there is great potential for this band I hope that what I write here helps them get some notice as I feel very strong about them.
There is an incredible amount of talent on this album-the vocals to the fantastic musicianship.

Here are some more videos to enjoy:

Their newest song:(below)This is a great cover of the song by Rainbow.

This is an interview

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