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CD Review: Tidelands-We've Got A Map-Released Aug 7th, 2012(Redgummy Records)

I was contacted by a fan of the band to review this album this is fantastic that a fan would have this much loyalty to a band that they would do that-and I also thank her for contacting me to do the review, thanks Lenora for contacting me.She told me who to contact in regards of getting the album for review.

Band Bio:

We’ve Got A Map, the upcoming sophomore full-length bySan Francisco-based duo Tidelands, was well on it’s way tocompletion before their debut album If... was released inthe summer of 2011.“We never really stopped after we completed that record,”says vocalist, guitarist and flugelhorn player Gabriel Leis,one half of the band completed by drummer Mie Araki.The key word to describe We've Got A Map is spontaneity,”says Araki. “Much of our current songwriting style isbased on this word.”

I really enjoy the song "Coil" I think it is the stronger song on the album.This album has an interesting different amount of sounds coming through and for sure a slower and calmer album than that of other bands that I have heard of late.The majority of the albums are rock/Heavy Metal that come across my desk almost daily.

(Band Bio)

The first single from We’ve Got A Map is “The New Black”,
a track Araki refers to as the album’s “signature song” and
also one that has a traumatic history for her.
The song was originally written in 2008 for Leis and Araki’s
previous band project and unlike the existing dreamy and
dark repertoire of that band, “The New Black” was really
upbeat, which was attractive and challenging, but ultimately
the harbinger of the band’s technical limitations at the time.
“When Tidelands was born, we spent a full year rebuilding
the song, so it’s truly ‘The New Black’ to us!,” Araki says.

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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