Monday, March 4, 2013

Little Shop Movie Review: Brave & Wreck It Ralph

This fantastic film won "Best Animated Film" at last month's Oscars Awards and so it should have, this was easily my favorite animated film from last years selections. Brave tells the story of a young woman that does not want the life she has , she is free spirited and does not like being told what to do by her mother.
There are so many scenes like the one above that puts this film in it's own catagory of animation(almost)as as  she tries to distance herself from her mother and her ways of what she wants her daughter to do, then just as we all have found that undying love for our mother but sometimes as it shows in the film the damage is already done and may never be fixed.

Here is a Behind The Scenes video of the film.

This was also good clean fun as well Ralph always wrecks the building in the video game where he is "Wreck It Ralph" well he is tired of that life and wants to try something different, he wants to be the good guy.
So in his attempt to be the good guy his friends of course have to suffer at his decision.

This is a simular story to that of "Toy Story" but  also that of "Tron" in some ways as well.

For all the gamers out there this is sure to get you interested!

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Anthony Nadeau

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