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Little Shop Movie Review: The Hobbit & Les Miserables

Tuesday March 19, 2013

I will have nothing here that will spoil the surprise of the movie I know I hate that when it happens to me.

This film of course for those of us that have read the books know that this is the story of Bilbo Baggins and all the adventures that he had. For me a far more thrilling and adventuresome story than that of Frodo. I asked when The Lord of the Rings came out why not start with Bilbo's story first, but so be it.
After some return to the Shire with Frodo and Bilbo as we last saw him at the Shire an older man, we travel back to when Gandalf first comes calling upon Bilbo and for him to join the dwarfs on their quest to get Thorin's city back.
The film starts off on the adventure where we meet strange & wonderful people and trolls goblins & Gollum.
Ragadast The Brown starts to worry that something is wrong in the forest
Trolls getting their fire ready for the groups 2 horses.

The Great Goblin looks to take care of the Dwarves all on his own

Gollum waits for Bilbo to finish his riddle.
For being a many time reader of the Hobbit it is as though the book has come alive for me. I thought the casting and the directing was top notch. Everyone from the Trolls and even all the dwarfs was great.
There are of course the familiars that are from the other chapters of Tolkien's fantastic storytelling.
Saruman greets Gandalf at Rivendale.

Elrond The Elf King checks the map for Gandalf, Bilbo & Thorin.
Galadirel speaks to Gandalf

For me this is the best film of the year(of the ones I have seen)mostly coming from my undying love for the story of The Hobbit. I loved how they all stick together no matter what and isn't that what makes the world go around?
After seeing the first trailer(above)last year I have been eagerly awaiting this film, as has anyone that has read the book.
Then September this year brought up more anticipation for the film in the 2nd trailer(below)

I was getting goosebumps as opening day approached and my only thought was I hope they get Smaug right, well we see clips of his tail and at the end his eye, we will see more in Part 2 Next December.

This is where it get's really wild is that my two boys and I were wanting to go to opening night. In the mail, & by courier for the past couple of weeks I had been receiving DVD's in the mail with "For Your Consideration" on them well that day I had already received 3  dvd's. The boys and I were watching "Rise of the Guardians" when the courier showed up with this film. Wow to say I was surprised, happy and squeling like a little child is correct. I know this all has to do with my writing for "Cinema Editor" magazine and once again I thank Walter for this honor of receiving these dvds. They say with a letter that I am asked to consider their film in all catagories and that I keep it until the Awards season is over, Feb, 2013.
So without any doubt this is the best film I have seen this year.

                                            On DVD
                                  Friday 'arch 22, 2013

This was  a film that I had no real desire to see myself, however I had received it amongst all the other DVD's in the mail for me to watch, I watched it this evening and enjoyed it quite alot.

Les Miserables, 1980 Paris, 1985 London, 1987 Broadway,  Claude-Michel Schönberglb Alain Boublil (English lyrics by Herbert Kretzman) (>11,200 in London (the longest-running West End musical in history); 6,680 on Broadway) (1987 Tony Award winner; nominated for 12 Tony Awards and won eight)

This is a fantastic production with a group of people who have a varied range of vocal sounds that work well together.
I have not seen any of the stage productions or any of the previous versions of this film, so I will review it on it's own merits alone.

Having seen many, many films in my life I enjoyed this and this was a very well done production I would like to take a moment and acknowledge the people behind the music etc as this is a musical after all and I think the Academy and everyone else kind of misses the boat when these people are not noticed for their work.

Below is from IMDB
(Internet Movie Database)

Music Department
Jonathan mixer
Jonathan recordist
Chris Barrett....assistant engineer
Christoph editor and programmer
James editor
Becky supervisor
Alain Boublil....original French text
Stephen Brooker....additional stage orchestrations
Stephen Brooker....musical director
John adapted by
John Cameron....original stage orchestrations
Liz Caplan....vocal coach
Fiona Cruickshank....assistant engineer
Dave Daniels....musician: cello
Roger Davison....on set pianist
Roberta Duchak....vocal coach
Anne Dudley....additional music
Anne producer
Anne Dudley....musician: piano
Anne Dudley....orchestrator
Michael England....crowd chorus preparation
James Fenton....additional material
Olga FitzRoy....assistant engineer
Catherine Grieves....assistant music supervisor: HotHouse Music
Isobel Griffiths....orchestra contractor
Mary Hammond....vocal coach
Dave Master of the House
David William editor and programmer (as David Hearn)
Nick Hill....assistant programmer
Robert editor (as Rob Houston)
Chris stage orchestrations
Rael Jones....additional orchestrator
Rael editor
Rael Jones....programmer
Skaila Kanga....musician: harp
Linda Kerns....vocal coach
Herbert Kretzmer....lyrics by
Joan Lader....vocal coach
Adam Langston....end titles arranger
Ollie Master of the House
Gerard McCann....supervising music editor
Stephen Metcalfe....additional stage orchestrations
Stephen Metcalfe....orchestrator
Mary Meyland....vocal coach
Jean-Marc Natel....original French text
Trevor adapted by
Sam Okell....additional engineer
Paul Pritchard....assistant engineer
Simon Rhodes....additional engineer
Matt editor and programmer
Claude-Michel Schö by
Claude-Michel Schö producer
Liam Steel....musical staging
Neil editor and programmer
Marcus Master of the House
Claire Underwood....vocal coach
Lucy Whalley....assistant contractor
Jennifer Whyte....on set pianist
Rolf Wilson....orchestra leader
Dave preparation (uncredited)
Toby Hulbert....score mix assistant engineer (uncredited)
Charlotte Matthews....assistant orchestra contractor (uncredited)

Overall I do not go out of my way to see musicals but knowing it was out tomorrow my curiosity got the better of me and I am so glad that it did.

Here is a special look "Behind The Scenes"
that lets you look in at the process at the first
musical ever where all the vocals were recorded 
live on the set, the actors sang their roles on film!

Thank you for reading this

Anthony Nadeau

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