Friday, March 22, 2013

Independent Film Review :9 Days

(Film Synopsis)

"9 Days" is a scary-as-hell, "Dante's Inferno"-inspired "Se7en" meets "Hostel."

A headstrong 18-year-old recently released ward of the state named Danielle is kidnapped by a surprisingly debonair madman who calls himself Virgil and has an axe to grind against women based on his own distinct reading of religious doctrine and his terrifying upbringing by his mother. When Virgil puts Danielle through a 9-day “moral cleansing” that could take her life at any moment, she must either fight as best she can or become as inhuman and sadistic as Virgil himself.

This is a decent telling of a young woman that is being molested at the hands of her stepfather, there is abuse early on-Danielle decides she has had enough and runs away only to meet Virgil on her quest to free herself from the abuse.

The characters are strong in this film and the two lead actors portray their victim/abuser quite well.

There are very few films with just two characters are in the film that can hold my attention as well as this one did.

There might be some parts that will be hard for some to watch but  the movie was well done and this is not really a torture porn like Saw or Hostel there is more thought to this film.

There is a scene(below) where he puts a device in her back which I have not seen in a film before this film deserves to be seen by more people and I want to help in any way to do so.

9 Days Facebook Page

Lost Cause Entertainment Website

There are a number of bigger films that get too much attention and then there are small films like this one that get overlooked because they simply do not have the funding to put into the marketing for it.

There are scenes where he fills the tub half way full of ice and has Danielle sit in the tub fully strapped and handcuffed to the tub so she cannot escape the freezing. The makeup for this was good as there were times where her face actually turned blue in some spots.

The actors discussing the next scene.

                 The scene that Danielle makes everything right.
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