Friday, March 8, 2013

Independent Film Review: Sloppy The Psychotic(Maniac Films)

This review is long overdue:

Maniac Films only second film is  that of a man by the name of Mike that dresses as a clown for a living.When he attends one the birthday parties in the start of the film he finds a young girl that does not like clowns so he grabs her arm and tells her to come with him, her mother comes in and sees this and tells Sloppy to leave.
When he gets back to the office his boss is waiting for him tells him that the woman called & complained and that Mike has hurt the reputation of his business and is justly fired.
This does not sit well with Mike who goes home and goes on a drinking binge-when he starts drinking he starts thinking and hearing voices, Mike goes crazy..or better yet Psychotic.
He goes back to try and get his job back but is told no and for that he knocks his boss out, then we see his boss in the back of Mike's car mouth shut with duct tape Mike then stabs him repeatedly.
He goes on a killing spree for the remainder of the film some of the kills are shot well but the editing is what makes a lot of the scenes work they don't let things drag out-boom it's over and done.
Now while this may come across as positive review this is for the most part I found this to be a slick production for being so low budget. However at the end of the film there is a scene where Mike has started his own clown company and he is attending a child's party where he has brought meat from home, let me just say that he is now a cannibal. He covers the cake in Ajax and then the bad starts to happen.

The children get sick throwing up blood one child is grabbed and thrown into the BBQ and it is turned on another falls and he comes over and puts his boots to her-this is where this reviewer turned the movie off-this is why this review has taken this long to do as I did not want to review it at all-but then felt it my duty as they did send it to me with the intention of reviewing so I am standing by my word-other than that last few minutes and am unsure how much time remained I found this to be well done and minus the killing of the children I could say I enjoyed this--but killing children is a no for me off screen OK but not like that.It is like a rape scene I do not find that even remotely entertaining.

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