Thursday, April 11, 2013

British Columbia Talent: CD Review: Anciients-Heart Of Oak(Releases April 16)Season Of Mist Records

This album will be one to cherish for years to come, I am honest when I say that when I heard the first track from this album I thought if this is one song then I can only imagine what the rest of the album can possibly sound like.
Well yesterday I was sent the album and for me it was like opening a Christmas present that you have been wanting all year long.
I have never before been so impressed with a debut album in many years, wow this is incredible amount of talent in this band I say that with semi knowing a few of the members I have chatted with them here and there and they are always kind in their talks.

Ancients Heart Of Oak on Bandcamp(Full Album)

This is a kaleidoscope of music and a great addition to this years already fantastic amount of great music, this will be in my favorites of the year I can already tell you that folks.
The song "For Lisa" is like listening to The Allman Brothers Band and there are clear songs that are inspired by bands such as Mastadon.
 There are only a number of the following albums available so if you want one be sure to order one as I am sure they are going to go fast!
 The end of May they are going to start touring the album and will be back in Vancouver June 10, 2013 be sure great to see them play this album live! On tour with SkeletonWitch.
 This pic(below) is only available on the Deluxe versions of the album.

Ancients playing "Falling In Line" at The Astoria(click here)

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Anthony Nadeau

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