Thursday, April 25, 2013

CD Review: Cauldron-Tomorrow's Lost(Releases April 30, 2013)Century Media Records

CAULDRON; No gimmicks, no tricks - just true, unadulterated heavy metal.

Taking some lessons from the old school of Heavy Metal clearly this is just classic sounding music not overdone or overproduced but sounding good at the same time.
Originally released in Europe during October 2012, Tomorrow’s Lost received praise from both fans and critics alike. A video clip for the track “Nitebreaker” was uploaded to YouTube/VEVO and once again, thousands of views were chalked up proving that the fans were hungry for more! CAULDRON answered that call by going out on the ‘Europe’s Lost’ tour, a 6 week trek starting in November of 2012. 

Grungy guitar and fast drums kicks , clear vocals but still some standard classic tunes that never tire.I would recommend this if you like what might pass as modern classic metal(just the sound not saying they are that good folks)

Now, Tomorrow’s Lost is ready to be unleashed on North America through the newly formed alliance between Earache Records and Century Media. 
The band had this to say about their upcoming physical release in the US: "Very excited that our latest slab is finally getting released at home. We're really proud of this record and can't be satisfied by pulling music out of thin air like the internet generation does so well, so this means alot. 
Glad to see the new Earache/Century Media affiliation is going to give it its due in North America, and just in time for the America's Lost tour this spring!" –Jason 
"We're pleased to announce that our new album is finally landing on North American shores this April. Now all you bangers, earth dogs and rivet heads can get your metal fix. See you on the filthy road!" –Ian

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