Thursday, April 18, 2013

CD Review: Iced Earth Live in Ancient Kourion 2 CD(Released April 16, 2013)Century Media Records

There are live albums that really show the real talent of a band/artist there are those that do not like live albums but for me a live event is just that-there are no second chances or re-doing of a vocal etc when they are on the stage thats it there they are.
For the most part I have listened to a number of Top 40 bands just to hear some clarity of how good they really are and some are good but the majority stink live. With Rock and Roll & Heavy Metal there are few bands that use studio tricks to improve their vocals or overall sound, Iced Earth is clearly one of those bands.

The clarity of the vocals and the overall musical enjoyment is fantastic for me anyways. This is a band that has toured the globe and this being their first live album, hopefully there are more to come as well.

There is also a DVD of this great event which I was unable to see I will have to try and get a copy of it, there is some available through the Century Media You Tube page.

There are so many great songs on this Live album here are some videos to better show you what a great event it must have been glad they caught it all.

For the Iced Earth fans out there this is one worth picking up and just for Heavy Metal fans this is worth watching for sure some great tunes here.
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Anthony Nadeau

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