Thursday, April 4, 2013

CD Review: Serenity-War Of Ages(Releases April 9th, 2013)Napalm Records

With the music sounding as dramatic as the cover picture above this is quite the feast for the ears. Depth of style and substance all coming from a band of Austria this being their 4th album, my first time hearing them-I don't know how all this great music goes undiscovered. 
There of course will be comparisons to that of other bands that play very heavily themed Symphonic Metal, however each band has a distinct sound and I love this bands!

Their  melodies and  vocal styling are great and I think even those that don't care for Heavy Metal may appreciate this Symphonic Metal as it is not near as heavy and the vocals are clear .

From Band's Bio:
On their fourth album, the Austrian Symphonic Metal band dives deep into long forgotten centuries and draws the listeners attention to historical personalities like Henry VIII of England, Napoleon or Alexander the Great. Numerous concerts have matured the band’s  songwriting skills and the interaction between the individual musician's.  This is the reason why "War of Ages" is filled with excellent and characteristic compositions and world-class refrains, for which the term "catchy" would be an understatement.  The mixture of remarkable riffs, perfect timed variations from symphonic passages up to ballads, shows SERENITY’s ability to write haunting songs. The band has reached their musical and lyrical height and in particular Georg Neuhauser impresses with his best vocal performance so far! Friends of AVANTASIA or KAMELOT have to make sure to give this album spin!

This keeps get repeated by me but I am very sincere when I say that I feel it a privilege to do this and to get to listen to this music good/bad it is all my opinion and hope you enjoy what you see and hear as well.

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