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Little Shop Of Movies Review: Django Unchained & The Perks of Being A Wallflower

With much hesitation I walked into the store on Saturday night of April the 13th to borrow Django and with the undying love for film I took it home with me. Why the hesitation you ask 2 words:
Quentin Tarantino 
To be fair (and I generally always am with filmmakers) I have seen all of his films with just missing Inglorious Bastards.
The film tells a story of the 1800's when slavery was alive and well and one certain slave Django(Jaime Foxx) is found and set free by Dr King Schultz(Christoph Waltz)who commands attention by his performance in this dark dreary tale.
He and Django are then Bounty Hunters and the scenes between the two actors are very well done and the actors seem to keep everyone in check.
There is violent and unnecessary bloodshed. For me he has butchered the western and is a poor example of what a film should stand for and any ethical projections or idea of what might seem right now, far exceeds what was and still (for some) is considered to be the right way of thinking when it comes to African Americans. Where I am going on all of this is that when he tries(poorly)to show an idea of what the Dr has done/thought of-we are be-raided by the over abundance of the "N" word. That word is used more in this film than the whole series of "Roots"

When Django finds out that some men are holding his wife against her will-she is a slave that belongs to a man Calvin Candie(Leonardo DiCaprio) who is a sinister man -a wolf in sheep's clothing to say the least.
I have never been much of a DiCaprio fan there are some films I like of his, but the smaller less dramatic ones for me, here is really hams up the scenery and he almost mocks the viewer for watching.
The free slave idea I thought was great and I gave the film it's just due by watching it with an open mind, but again and again his films just leave me with as empty a feeling as his characters do.

This is one of those hidden gems that you are always happy that you took the chance to take off the shelf of the DVD store and take home and also watch with your 13 year old son as he got to see a great movie that he might not have watched by himself.
This film tackles some very real issues mental health issues and sexual awareness and the reality of having a friend that is gay.The way that the film handles all these issues including first crushes and the heartbreak that goes with it, done so well--with class.
This is not a feel good movie for the masses and will not attract the crowd that likes quick fix films where everything works out in the end and everyone stays together, this is more a slice of life film that pulls no punches but also does not slam them down your throat as the previous film did/does.
If you like your films with real people than vampires etc then this one I cannot recommend highly enough.

Here is the music video from
Dexy's Midnight Runners
"Come On Eileen"
This is where Charlie really comes out of his shell in the film.

Here is the scene(below)

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