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Movie Reviews: Sushi Girl & Compliance


This is a film about revenge and torture.
The scene is a man gets released from prison after serving 6 years for taking the fall for his fellow robbers.
They are going to have a celebration for him on his release from prison and they have it at their new club with a Sushi Girl.

Before becoming a living sushi platter, the person (usually a woman) is trained to lie down for hours without moving. She or he must also be able to withstand the prolonged exposure to the cold food. Before service, the individual is supposed to have taken a bath using a special fragrance-free soap and then finished off with a splash of cold water to chill the body down somewhat for the sushi. In some parts of the world, in order to comply with sanitation laws, there must be a layer of plastic or other material between the sushi and the body of the woman or man.

Tony Todd(above)for me is a very overlooked actor for so many years as he was captivating in Clive Barkers Candyman and here is as equally as captivating as the leader of the group.
Mark Hamill(right)shocks everyone here with his offbeat/psychotic  performance of Crow one of the small gems of this film for sure. They are all wanting their money back from Fish but he has no idea where the money is and they all take turns brutally interrogating him.
Hamill & Andy Mackenzie(above) certainly want their share almost more than the others.
This film had me glued to the screen even though there are some really brutal torture scenes, you know what they say "Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures"

This is one for television for some reasons and there are other reasons that it did not get there.The performances are top notch in this tense little thriller.
We are at a resturaunt a fast food  one that has a crank call placed to the location where the man on the other end says he is a police officer and he has some news about the managers employee that she has stolen money from a customers purse and that she has told hold her in the back room until he gets there.
This is a very well done little film easily one of the best I have seen thus far even though the film came out last year. Ann Dowd(above)does a compelling job in giving us sympathy for her character who thinks she is doing a good job, while she has her employee undress for a strip search completly naked.
We do not see the caller for a good half hour into the film but that works and the performances are good enough to keep us watching even though the majority of the talking is by phone.
The back and forth and whether or not the young woman did this or not is not the relevant part. The relevance is the "Compliance"

Compliance (psychology), responding favorably to a request offered by others

On April 9, 2004, a call was made to a Mcdonald's  restaurant in Mount WashingtonKentucky. According to assistant manager Donna Summers, the caller identified himself as a policeman, "Officer Scott", and gave a vague description of a slightly-built young white woman with dark hair suspected of theft. Summers believed this described Louise Ogborn, a female employee on duty. After the caller demanded that the employee be searched at the store because no officers were available at the moment to handle such a minor matter, the employee was brought into an office and ordered to remove her clothes, which Summers placed in a plastic bag and took to her car at the caller's instruction. Another assistant manager, Kim Dockery,was present during this time, believing she was there as a witness to the search. After an hour Dockery left and Summers told the caller that she was also required at the counter. The caller then told her to bring in someone she trusted to assist.

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