Thursday, April 4, 2013

Independent Film Reviews : Bloodline(2011)

This was an unexpected film from the studio that sent me screeners for this film-9 Days and Sloppy The Psychotic-the latter I received the film direct from the filmmakers.
I enjoyed this film for a variety of reasons the film centered around  a man they call "The Surgeon" who snaps when his wife dies as they do not have what it takes at the hospital to save her life with body parts so he goes on a killing spree to get body parts to stock up on.
So I realize that this sounds similar to that of other horror films bent on vengeance but this is done somewhat differently it also is from Italy and has subtitles-there half the audience just left right?
If you are a horror fan like myself then you will watch any films you can get your hands on and for me that is all genres.
There are some graphic removal of body parts so be warned if you find and watch this. The premise is that surrounding a porn movie and they are shooting the film with The Surgeon running around killing members of the crew.
Then  the films takes a detour and some of the people come back as zombies-this part of the film really lost focus and would have played better had they just stuck to the original storyline.
But all in all the acting was really good and the special effects were also top knotch.

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Anthony Nadeau

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