Thursday, May 23, 2013

CD Review-Dark Tranquility-Construct(Releases May 28, 2013)Century Media Records

Having just reviewed  their EP in October of last year I was surprised to see this album come across my desk, not that I am not happy with it-it is quite the opposite I was quite pleased to see and hear it, it was just amazing that they would have enough material already and to be able to record and have it ready for next week.
Not ones to disappoint since I first heard them this is a heavy music journey with a number of breaks of just some good music.
The riffs are great the vocals ever brutal but with some structure as well.As they show in the video below.

This is somewhat of a heavier album than their last one for the most part their song "What Only You Know" slows down and there are clear vocals then it gets heavy again. The stronger song is "Weight of the End" great bass line throughout and some good riffs on the guitar. "Photon Dreams" is the instrumental about 2 minutes long but has some great riffs and drumming here.

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Anthony Nadeau

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