Thursday, May 2, 2013

CD Review-My Own Chaos-My Own Chaos(Self Released)

When the world has so many female lead singers or vocal artists is it really fair to compare them all? No I say even though I have in the past. This band is awesome lead by the great vocal prowess by Connie Chaos.
The overall likeness and creative edge that is brought on by this band is fantastic. The title track of the album "Because of Me" is killer her vocals are hard and controlled, the music fast a great beat!(have a look at the live performance video below to see them)

MY OWN CHAOS is a Vancouver based metal band that mixes traditional metal with thrash and straight ahead Metal.Together they built a solid and immediate connection that laid the foundation for My Own Chaos.

MY OWN CHAOS` brand of heavy metal takes the listener through melodic, hardcore and outright angst with its many mood swings. The album takes you on a journey of self-revelations as it moves through a period of self-destructive behavior. Uniting a wide variety of influences from such bands as Pantera, Ministry, Strapping Young Lad, Jane’s Addiction, Faith No More and Static X the band carves a unique sound for themselves.The end result is sugar-coated strychnine.

After already accomplishing a few successful tours across Canada, MY OWN CHAOS is currently writing new material and will soon be hitting the studio to record their second album. There is hope... Maybe

I feel honored to know Connie and have been a fan of their music since first hearing it and that is only because it holds up on it's own not because she is a friend.

I missed seeing them play last month in Surrey but this reviewer/fan is going to get on the My Own Chaos bus and be at the next show.

My Own Chaos-Hella Good(No Doubt Cover)click here!

Today I was needing some info for the review so I asked Connie via Facebook and she replied with this.

"We self released it then it got picked up by Blue Pie later. We spent about 9 months in the studio recording it and have a variety of guest stars on it like Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) and Joey Keithley (DOA) We are currently writing the final songs for the new album and have already begun the pre-production planning process."

Thank you for reading this
Anthony Nadeau

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