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CD Review: Tribulation-The Formulas of Death(Releases May 14th, 2013)The Anja Offensive

Not a big fan of death metal but this sure had my ears perking up for the constant  brilliance of the music that is played here by far better than most in any genre of Heavy/Death/Black Metal etc.
There is never a dull moment on this album the guitar work alone is great but the classic elements and the overall abundance of great musical work is one that will for sure go in the books(for metal fans anyways)

When The Sky is Black with Devils(song on Facebook Page)

To experience Tribulation live is larger than death - sprung from the west of Sweden, the phantoms creeps out of the dark and takes a chilling grasp around your throat with huge, hypnotic music - cleanse your mind and journey beyond what you think you know.

I am overly impressed with this album and it's depth for this has so much going on musically and for those that just push it to the side and say it is just Heavy Metal have just limited themselves to the status quo. For upon listening to this I was unsure as to what I was going to hear with all the previous reviews of this album.

•"Mark my words, this is what WATAIN would’ve sounded like in three albums had Tribulation not arrived here first. Hats off and horns up to Tribulation!" - Decibel [10/10 rating]
•"A deeply impressive album, in which every listener will find their own favorite moments. They will continue to uncover new ideas each time it is played" - [9.4/10 rating, "Album of the Month"]
•"A remarkable turn from the Swedes here, a band spreading their black wings wide – and casting a formidable shadow in the process" - [4.6/5 rating]
•"A stellar piece of metal" - [8.5/10 rating]
•"Ultimately an impressive, otherworldly album that will no doubt have people shitting themselves at its level of aesthetic vision and musicianship...overflowing with creativity" - From the Dust Returned webzine [8.5/10 rating]
•"Metamorphoses such as these are rare, and ought to be savored" - Last Rites webzine [8.5/10 rating]
•"An eclectic and highly original release" - [4/5 rating]
•"They truly push genre boundaries to the limit...when it comes to overall consistency in quality, not many can compare" - [8/10 rating]
•"This baby won’t knock you out in the first round. But give it time and you’ll be hanging to the ropes, gasping for air and begging your corner man to throw in the towel" - [8/10 rating]
•"It's hard to swallow, it's demanding, it's unique, it's brilliant...The old ways are torn asunder, Tribulation have been reborn" - Voices From The Darkside
•"If you have any interest in black or death metal, or any kind of quality music, then you need this in your life, as it's simply a brilliant piece of metal engineering. Album Of The Year material" - 

Tribulation streams NEW album(click here)

I am going to state here that this will probably be revered as highly as Metallica's Master of Puppets or Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast for bringing this style of metal to more than just the underground, not saying that Tribulation might have that mass appeal as those previous albums or bands did and still do , but stranger things have happened. 
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Anthony Nadeau

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