Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Little Shop Movie Review: Jack Reacher & Silver Linings Playbook

(Story Synopsis)

A homicide investigator digs deeper into a case involving a trained military sniper who shot five random victims.

Tom Cruise plays Jack Reacher a man on a mission for the truth, he is not the investigator in the film.

So the world is full of heroes but when the hero is not a very likable one then how does that play out? When a man of Tom Cruise's stature can pretty well do anything he likes(Eyes Wide Shut)and be successful at it(Mission Impossible film series)then we could not possibly expect anything but him being the bast at what he does, right?

Well if you need some convincing then speak to the 5 men that try to take him out in this quite dry and overlong film that really has a hard time starting and slowly moves around, let's try saying this was trying to be The Departed without the mafia and Scorsese.
There are so many plot twists and hidden agenda's I quickly lost interest in the story.
Always the macho man is Cruise, always better than the guy sitting next to you on the bus. He tried be an everyman and also succeeded with Jerry McQuire.
For me these kind of films are getting really tiring and this has nothing fresh to offer the viewer, same old song and dance.

Some of the fight scenes, when he takes on the five young men and two guys later in the film are done well but had this movie been cut by a good half an hour the pacing would have been better and less of the lawyer talk if you want to keep your audience awake.
But that is just my opinion why not rent it on Tuesday May 7th and see what you think--then why not let me know if you agree or not.

There are romances and then there is this film, never really sure what it is about but maybe that is because the characters seem more real than some of what has been on screen lately.
From the moment Pat(Bradley Cooper) meets Tiffany(Jennifer Lawrence) he is enamered by her and we are swept into their world. Unlike a many romance both of the lead characters are very unstable and can snap any second, but that is what makes this story so watchable-they just seem more like someone you or I might know.
Jennifer Lawrence has been incredible in everything I have seen her in-I have yet to see the Hunger Games-she was award worthy in Winters Bone.
The parents are were Pat is staying and has some troubles with books, a video of his wedding really messes things up with them and a Stevie Wonder song that was played at his wedding.
I can see why this movie was so well received as this is very strong in family values and the support system that we all seek whether it be with somewhat strangers, friends you met while you are away from family and the family that is always there through thick and thin.

Below is a music video for the movie.

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