Friday, May 31, 2013

Movie Review: AE:Apocalypse Earth(Released May 28th, 2013)The Asylum

There are those films that are way over promoted and by the time you get around to seeing them you are disappointed -this is the exact opposite of that on all counts.
The Asylum being such a small studio they do not have the money to hype as major studios do, so I will some here.
When earth is being attacked(the reason is never explained)but Lt. Frank Baum(Adrian Paul-Highlander TV Series 1992-1998)leads the charge in getting people off this rock.
The special effects are decent in this film but what helps the most for the film is the strong score by Chris Ridenhour it has all the elements needed to help push the film along.I had a chance to ask Chris what his inspirations for the score and who his inspirations are, he kindly responded with this:
As far as inspiration, Thunder Levin(Writer & Director)and I are big Jerry Goldsmith fans. I also love Basil Poledouris, big bold, epic themes with alot of heart.
In this score I have a theme for every character and develop them throughout. Thunder was very much a part of keeping the score on track with his vision. 

Minus some of the shots in the film like a lengthy walk by a river and some rather weak performances this film is one of the better Sci-Fi films I have seen in a while. After crash landing on another planet they come into contact with other beings and creatures of different sizes, they are not friendly(of course)
Capt. Sam Crowe(Richard Grieco-21 Jump Street & Veronica Mars)is more like the Chewbacca of the crew his hair is a mess and  he has very few speaking lines a number of shots of his face and him saying nothing.

Tim(Gray Hawks-left standing)is a cyborg computer who looks like he should work for Data from Star Trek or Computer Geeks whichever he might have the joy of doing.
From what I am reading with the other reviews on IMDB I am alone on this view of this film but that is usually the way it goes for me anyways.
I was entertained and even though there were simular events and aliens used(Predator cloaking)this was an enjoyable bit of time spent.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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