Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Asylum Movie Review: 40 Days & Nights

Picture modified from an image from the internet, posters belonging to The Asylum and the water image from the internet-all compiled by Anthony Nadeau

So with an open mind to the disaster that was to appear before me I knew this would be cheezy but did not know what kind of cheeze.
Much to my surprise it was not of any cheeze brand at all well done little disaster flick, however we are just speaking of the storm it was the only convincing aspect of the film.

We start off with some friends going for a drive that encounter the storm with demise and then we are shifted to a bunker where John(Alex Carter)(above)is making a habitat that will hold 50, 000 people.
His fiance is Tessa(Monica Kenna)(above)and she is microbiologist that needs to collect certain DNA to keep the population in check if the storm should destroy us all.
The situations are the same in every disaster film there are those that are only in it for themselves and others that are willing to save everyone. Either way it does not hold water with all the stiff acting with the exception of a few of the actors most notably Alex Carter he seems like an Academy award winner amongst this group.
The storm is done well for this studio a number of people panned this only for the special effects but the studio is smaller than most studios remember that smaller studios do not have the Dennis Murens of the world and if they do they are surely limited to the funds available as well to make those really expensive shots.

For what it's worth the effects here were better than Super Cyclone.There is a painstaking part near the end that seems to go on forever when the crew of the vessel are staring out of the window and the camera pans left to right and right to left the crew says absolutely nothing for about 30 seconds yet we are not shown anything they see just the camera panning back and forth.

Pathetic and boring.

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Anthony Nadeau

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