Friday, May 3, 2013

The Asylum Movie Review: Super Cyclone(2012)

About a week ago I wrote about not being able to see any recent films by The Asylum. This one came out last Sept but I watched it last night.

Nicholas Tutturro(Travis) stars with Super Cyclone that is started by an oil rigger that accidentally drills into an under water volcano, find that hard to believe?Well they are convincing in their race to try and stop it from destroying millions of peoples lives.
Ming-Na Wen is also convincing in her part as Dr Jenna Sparks there are many times she speaks of the cyclone and says the title of the film to where it is almost laughable. But her convincing performance actually stops you from doing so.

The special effects are typical for this studio and when you are low budget I cannot expect more, but their graphic for the oil rigger station main operations room are good.They are trying to restore balance to the rigger after the ocean floor shifts from the volcano.
Darin Cooper stars as Colonel Lee Chadwick who remains calm as he needs to as to see that the situation gets  handled properly. His restrain serves him well until one of his top pilots is taken by the storm, he does not want any more lives lost so the Dr. and Travis(Tutturro) get into a helicopter and take on the storm themselves this is where it got corny for me.

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Anthony Nadeau

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