Friday, June 7, 2013

CD Review: Fejd-Nagelfar(Releases June 11, 2013)Napalm Records

Ahh, the great expression that is music this some more fantastic music from a band that is " Arguably the only true authentic Scandinavian Folk band on the planet!" according to their bio also singing in their native tongue which makes it all the more magical music.
There are some instruments I am unsure what they are but they use them in this song(video below)
For something far from the ordinary that you won't see on the TV for music videos check out their video.

Yet another band that I have not heard before this album, I am so fortunate to be able to hear all this great music as living in a small community such as mine stores carrying this style of music are miles away.

The title song is a very strong piece that has many an instrument being played throughout and this is a great song so many time changes throughout.
I like this sound from this band totally unique sounding and some great playing from all the members of this band and vocals are good as well.

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Anthony Nadeau

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