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CD Review: Liquid Casing-A Seperate Divide(Released June 25, 2013)Independent Music Promotions

If you were to judge a band of it's diversity of music by the contrast and colors of their album cover this would be a good band to start with as their  music covers many aspects and genres of different music styles all blended together as one.
With so many elements of percussion and sounds you don't hear on a daily basis on the radio etc this a great start for a band, such a depth of playing and style.
This experimental sounding 4 piece band has really made me go wow! and I am just playing song #1 from the album.

Band's Bio
Musically, they're imposing, taking influence from ATDI/Mars Volta, Fugazi,  Godspeed You Black Emperor, Mogwai, and Miles Davis. From emotive saxophone playing to noisy guitars, they tell their story daringly, one that is rather unpopular in today's socio-political climate. Given our "music with depth" ethos, we've rarely been as excited to present a band to the world

Bio: Liquid Casing is a partnership between four musicians from Houston, TX. Inspired by the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Cursive, Mogwai, Russian Circles, and The Mars Volta, Liquid Casing has developed their own sound focused on dynamics, the ebb and flow of song structure, and vibrant rhythm.

Liquid Casing's new album, "A Separate|Divide", explores the politics of division and seeks to expose our lack of unity and its consequences. Composed of 9 tracks that sonically weave in and out of each other, a broad picture is painted of Man's exploitative use of arbitrary divides. While the concepts and lyrics strive to confront the intellect, the music goes straight for the gut. The band are currently booking 2013 tour dates to support the release.

The song "An End to a Means" is an incredible piece of music that dares the complete and absolute versatility of it's band members that unlike anything that I have heard of late is comparable.

If you like music that will get played on the radio on a daily basis then this band is not for you-this is an outside the box type of band the one's that break the molds and creates molds of their own song structure is very alive with this band also the consummate professionalism that all the songs are played without conforming to the pressure of what might not get played etc. I have always loved the bands that write what appeals to them first and foremost for me that is the true expression of what music is about, John Lennon always wrote straight from the heart first and worried later if it would play on the radio.

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Anthony Nadeau

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