Friday, June 7, 2013

CD Review: Scale The Summit-The Migration(Releases June 11, 2013)Prosthetic Records

When you get so many albums come across your desk there are so many choices to make especially when it just myself doing the reviews it is hard to be able to get to all the ones you want to but then there are those that you need to get out just to help those bands that deserve that extra push.
Very few times will you hear an entire Heavy Metal album that is a complete instrumental and so technically profound musically speaking as you do with this album-this is what would happen if RUSH decided they would do an all instrumental album, what a great idea that would be!

This is an incredible feat for an album the music so vivid in its sounds-the harmonies made with the guitars and the jazzy styles that are mixed into all of it really is some exciting stuff.
Musically speaking by the looks of the band they seem very young and are incredibly talented musicians I am just sorry I missed them last night at The Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver, from what I hear they were the highlight of the night.

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Anthony Nadeau

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