Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Independent Film Review: The Hit Girl(2013)

The benefits of the internet(for me anyways)outweigh the negative for with this blog I am constantly being asked to watch someone's film or hear there music and while it all may not be for me, more often than not I do enjoy what I see/hear.
James A Ward contacted me through social media to ask if I would like to see his film, I of course being a lover of all types of films said yes-he then sent me a dvd of the film.

Story synopsis:
THE HIT GIRL tells the story of a hit man, who while on assignment comes into contact with a magical statue which transforms him into a teenage girl.

The opening of the film is some friends playing a board game and the Bill(James Castle Stevens) who is a hitman comes in and all hell breaks loose.
On his way there are some funny lines where he is trying to come up with his own tag lines for when he kills people.
He then goes to a meeting spot(picture above)and hands over a laptop that has some very incriminating evidence on it that can put the older man in jail.

Bill has a job that he does very well and takes very serious and his next job puts him in the same town as his sister
and his niece who they have some great scenes together somewhat arguing about movies and the lines that were in them.
There is a genuine love for films and filmmaking in this film a passion for the films that he is making mention of and some overall really fun parts in the film as well.

This of course plays like an Independent film and if you are not a fan of smaller films and only like the bigger budget films then look elsewhere. However if you like films where the kidnapper tells the history of his tattoos and for what film they are-then you are going to enjoy yourself as well.
While the action plays out slower than a Hollywood flick there is some good action and all around decent performances-there is even some good cinematography.
Directed, Edited and Co-written by James A.Ward this is well written and creates the right amount of tension-and comedy as well when the kidnappers are waiting for their victim to arrive the man in the back seat says "Turn the car off" the two men in the front turn and look at him and he says "It's bad for the environment".

James and some of the cast of the film at the premiere of "The Hit Girl"

If you like what you see why not support this film and buy it from the makers so they can make more films for us to enjoy.

Thank you for reading this 
Anthony Nadeau

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